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“Both performers make clear sense of the traditions of Commedia dell’Arte by expressing them with infectious vitality in sparkling performance.”
– Stage Whispers

Our performances are an exciting and hilarious introduction to the madcap world of Commedia dell’Arte!

  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary / VCE students
  • Interactive and great fun!
  • Witness commedia masks, lazziand stock characters in action
  • Culturally relevant for students of Italian
  • Drama students can analyse theatrical conventions, playmaking techniques and stagecraft elements
  • Also great for Art, History, English, Cultural Days and Italian Festivals
  • All bookings include a comprehensive resource kit

Performance requirements:

  • Allow 60 minutes for the performance (add extra time for a Q&A at the end)
  • Provide a cleared performance area (minimum of 4×4 metres), excluding audience seating
  • Allow 60 minutes set up time in a cleared space (no classes present please)
  • Allow 30 minutes pack up time
  • We advise that Make A Scene and/or its directors, employees or agents will not be legally responsible for the supervision of the participants. We insist on the legally required number of teachers to actively supervise the entire performance (ie no-one on laptops please).
  • Photographs may be taken by staff only, however, we ask that the performance not be filmed under any circumstance. Filming the performance is a breach of our intellectual property rights and may result in legal action. This includes filming with iPads, tablets, phones or any other electronic recording device. Please make an announcement be made at the beginning of the performance to ensure students do not photograph or video the show.
  • Any photographs taken of the performance must not be published without prior written consent from Make A Scene.

Performance Cost 2020

The minimum fee per performance for 100 students or less is $1100.00 (including GST) **

Additional fees;

Extra students (more than 100) the fee becomes $8.50 x extra students.

ie the fee for 150 students is: $1100.00 + $425.00 (50 extra xx $8.50) = $1525.00.

* Please note that there are additional costs for schools located in regional areas to cover travel expenses. Please submit an enquiry to obtain a bespoke quote.

** We are happy to negotiate fees for large groups. Please submit an enquiry to obtain a bespoke quote.

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“My senior kids are still talking about the workshop and they thought you were amazing. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. You encouraged them to take risks, to be creative and to commit, in a way that really challenged their thinking about physicality and characterisation. We were all sorry that the time went so quickly – we will definitely have you back!”
Mandy Calterwood, Christian College, Geelong

“Thank you so much for the non-naturalistic mask workshop. All the students had such positive responses and have said that they really enjoyed the experience. I really thought it was such a fun and affirming session where all the students, no matter what their ability, felt as though they could try new things in a safe environment. Rather than theorising so much about the non-naturalistic style you were able to make it very physical and practical – so improtant for students at this stage in their VCE Drama course, I know they all left really feeling as though they achieved a and learnt a lot.”
Leonore Marshall, Drama Teacher, Girton Grammar, Bendigo

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Booking Form

Before you proceed to the next step, please make sure that booking this incursion has been officially approved by your school. Once this booking form is submitted, your school will be charged a 20% non-refundable deposit.
If there is a change of date or cancellation, this deposit will cover the cost incurred by Make A Scene which includes artists fees.  

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  • Please indicate your preferred performance
  • Participant Details

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 1000.
  • Date & Times

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  • Performance Requirements

  • Terms and Conditions

    I acknowledge and agree that a teacher and/or legally required number of teachers must be present at all times during the presentation, workshop, shows or any ancillary activities (Events) and that Make A Scene Pty Ltd including its directors, employees, agents, contractors or assigns will not be legally responsible for any of the participants, audience or students.

    I agree to pay a non-refundable 20% deposit to secure my booking. I understand that an invoice will be sent to the School once this booking form is processed.

    I agree that full payment is to be made prior to, or on the day of the Events and that late payments will incur a fee equal to 10% of the Event/s cost.

    If the School cancels an Event/s within 3 days of the Event/s I agree to pay a cancellation fee equal to the Event/s cost.

    I am aware that Make A Scene does not re-invoice schools or clients after a presentation if there are less participants that originally quoted on this booking form. However, if there are more participants present on the day I agree to inform Make A Scene and pay for the extra numbers within 7 days.

    The School agrees that photographs may be taken by teachers or staff members only. I agree not to film or video the Events under any circumstances. I understand that filming the Events is a breach of Make A Scene’s intellectual property rights and may result in legal action. I understand that this includes filming, recording or capturing the Events on any electronic devices or otherwise. I agree to make an announcement at the beginning of the show to ensure filming does not occur.

    The School agrees that any photographs taken during the Events are the sole property of Make A Scene Pty Ltd