2020 Drama Solo Performance Exam –
Prescribed Structure 1 
Consulting/Resource Package

With Make A Scene founder and director, Rosa Campagnaro


“Rosa has provided my student with the most wonderful guidance and expert advice on how to integrate Commedia Dell’Arte conventions into her Solo Performance. She has gone above and beyond to provide my student with one on one online conferencing sessions, digital resources and videos to assist my student’s understanding of the style and how to implement it. I honestly can’t recommend Rosa enough for those students and teachers needing some extra support and guidance whilst we navigate this extremely complex task under challenging circumstances.”
Kathleen McMenamin, Santa Maria College

“Rosa’s provided my students with a range of skills, including the development of original creative ideas in performance, and developed their capacity to follow through these ideas and plan with courage and determination.” Mark Lauber, Trinity College


Commedia dell’Arte, theatre-making and devising solo performance is my specialty and I am here to support you and your students with the creation of their 2020 Drama Solo! Here’s what I can do  to make the process easier and funner!

  • Help your students get started
  • Give them the  tools they need to confidently tackle this beast!
  • Provide support with access to comprehensive resource materials 

When devising sometimes the most painful thing is getting started or the opposite can be true – we’ve got a million ideas but no idea how to put them into a cohesive narrative structure. Developing a solo can be overwhelming and daunting. I totally get it. Trust me! But with the right tools and techniques students can have the confidence they need to tackle this mammoth VCE task! See below for what’s on offer. If you have any questions, please email me: rosa@makeascene.com.au




  • 60 minute consulting session with Rosa Campagnaro
  • Exercises and activities for getting started
  • Access to our Homemade Comedy Teachers’ Resource. (Sample PDF: https://www.makeascene.com.au/homemade-comedy/) to develop tools and techniques for Commedia dell’Arte:
    • Lazzi
    • The rule of three
    • Audience interaction
    • Working with mask
    • Creating a simple costume design for your character
    • Creating a mask
  • Access to view The Servant of Two Masters and Pinocchio at 70% discounted rate
  • Dropbox with additional resources, support material and video examples from our commedia shows


$150.00 (+gst) * 

Additional student: $80.00 (+ gst) **

* for one student and includes a discount for Homemade Comedy Resource.

** additional student and additional 30 minutes (total 90 minute session for two students)


* 70% discount with this package for your student to access our Playlist digital recordings

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  • * 70% discount with this package for your student to access our Playlist digital recordings.
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