New Show, Adelaide Tour & Drama Victoria


Drama Victoria

We are very excited to announce that Make a Scene Director, Rosa Campagnaro has been elected to the Drama Victoria committee. Rosa would like to extend her thanks to the Drama Victoria members who voted and the super talented and inspiring bunch of people in the committee. Rosa had an absolute ball workshopping Commedia dell’Arte with a a glorious group of Drama teachers at the conference earlier this month.

Adelaide Tour 2017

Make a Scene will be bringing its unique and hilarious brand of Commedia dell’Arte training and performance to the students and teachers of Adelaide from May 10th to 13th. This is a limited season so book now for your chance to work with our fantastic team! All bookings and enquiries via phone (03) 94951980 or email

We have a new show!!!


We love all our shows but it is so much fun to make a new one! And we have a winner with Fooling in Love. Rosa Campagnaro and Fabio Motta have had a fabulous time creating a new world of madness and mayhem for our commedia characters to play in. This time, we visit the seaside town of Naples and run into all sorts of scams and schemes. It’s full of love, life, and pizza and loaded with all the fun, skill, and brilliance you’ve come to expect from Make a Scene. Book here!