Pinocchio Online Teachers’ Resource

By  Carlo Collodi
Created and adapted by Christian Bagin (Director), Rosa Campagnaro (Assistant Director) and Jasper Foley (Performer)

Designed by Eloise Kent (Set & Costume Design), Newmi Newman (Masks & Puppet) Felix Watson (Original Music), Helene Frøisland (Costume Assistant), Adelaide Harney (Lighting Design) and Jacob Edmonds (video production and editing) *

*Detailed biographies provided in accompanying teachers resources. 


“A  fun, fast-paced and physically dynamic work that demonstrates clear use of expressive skills, pathos, Commedia, manipulation of production areas and the actor audience relationship while also being entertaining. A great example of how to move beyond reality of life as lived as a solo performer. The creative use of set and strong performance work were the highlight for me.”
(Nick Waxman, Eltham College)

“Jasper Foley, delightfully blends direct-to-audience narration with handheld puppets and the physical comedy and masked characters of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte.”
(Herald Sun)
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“I really cannot speak too highly of this fantastic version of Pinocchio.”
(What Did She Think)

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This version of Pinocchio is recommended for secondary school students.

In Collodi’s original story the puppet is strung up a tree by the Fox and Cat. This image may be disturbing and a trigger for some students. Please contact us to discuss or for further clarification:


  • Access to view our recording of Pinocchio from the 2019 VCE Playlist season at La Mama Theatre
  • Access to view the post-show Q&A with director/s and actor
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ resources for the study of the play


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  • Homemade Comedy Teachers’ Resource
    • 14 comprehensive lesson plan teachers’ resource for comedy, slapstick and Commedia dell’Arte. For more information and a FREE SAMPLE PDF visit this link. $60.00 (+ gst)
  • Schedule a virtual 60 minute Q&A with co-creator/producer. $50.00 (+ gst)
  • Playscript. To purchase a hard copy of this version of Pinocchio visit Currency Press.
  • Podcast with The Aside Listen to Rosa Campagnaro and Jasper Foley talk about creating Pinocchio and the 2019 VCE Drama Playlist.
  • For Italian Students Rosa Campagnaro chats to SBS’s Francesca Valdinoci about Pinocchio.
Show Page With Gallery and Music Samples

We hope you find this resource useful and it becomes the source of much online laughter! 

Grazie e buon divertimento!

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