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Venice in Love

Created by Rosa Campagnaro & Christian Bagin
Creative consultant, Lyall Brooks

Vence in Love is set in 16th Century Venice at the height of Carnevale celebrations. Il Capitano desperate to win the heart of Isabella, Pantalona’s daughter, resorts to using a love potion. When the wrong people drink it chaos and misunderstanding ensues. Will Il Capitano win Isabella’s heart or will Pantalona wedge a gondola through the romance?

This show delivers a twist on the commedia tradition by introducing female masked characters: Pantalona and Arlecchina! Primary through to VCE students are sure to squeal with delight at this interactive fast paced farce. This show is filled with classic commedia conventions: use of mask, improvisation, audience interaction, lazzi (slapstick) and including other stuff like puppetry and lots of big props! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience awesome traditional leather masks in action in a veritable feast of absurdity and frivolity.

“… farcical moments and frequently sidesplitting humour.

More information:

  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary students
  • Interactive and hilarious fun
  • The performance is in English with some Italian
  • See commedia masks, lazzi and stock characters in action
  • Culturally relevant for students of Italian
  • Drama students can analyse theatrical conventions, playmaking techniques and stagecraft elements
  • Also great for History, English, Cultural Days and Festivals
  • All bookings include a comprehensive resource kit
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Photos: Alex Motta


“I loved it! I loved the slapstick nature of the production which engaged all ages. Engaging, funny and delightfully ‘naughty’. It was hilarious and I left feeling totally entertained.”
Amelia Desormeaux, Deputy Principal, Riddles Creek Primary School

“The feed back from staff and students has been very positive. Thank you very much for putting on a fantastic show.”
John DiNatale, Year 9 Italian Teacher, Marcellin College

“Loved the new show”
Michele McNamara, Drama Coordinator, Firbank Girls’ Grammar

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