Easily one of the best Commedia dell’Arte productions I’ve seen… our students and staff were entranced!

Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College

ADAPTATION Christian Bagin, Rosa Campagnaro & Jasper Foley
DIRECTION Christian Bagin
DESIGN (set & costume) Eloise Kent
MASKS & PUPPET Newmi Newman
MUSIC Felix Watson

WITH Jasper Foley as Pinocchio

Welcome to the fantastical world of Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio!

A rare opportunity for students to experience two of Italy’s greatest exports: Commedia dell’Arte and Pinocchio! Perfect for Italian, Drama and Theatre Studies students, with ample opportunity for more cross-curricular learning.

A travelling storyteller has arrived with a magical tale to share…

Pinocchio is an epic adventure of danger, villainy and excitement! Multiple characters weave an exciting tapestry of story-telling through mask, puppetry, song… and plenty of hilarious audience interaction! Pinocchio is a delightful reimagining of Collodi’s cautionary tale about the little wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy – and all the trouble he gets into along the way! Don’t miss this magical and unique adaptation that draws on the traditions of the travelling storytellers of a bygone era and, of course, Commedia dell’Arte.

What to expect:

  • 50 minute show + optional 10-15 minute Q&A
  • Comprehensive teachers’ resources (activities, handouts and preparatory material)
  • A show in English, with some Italian.
  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary students of Drama and Italian, and for cultural day celebrations or carnevale.
  • Curriculum links to Dance, Music, History, English and Art.
  • Curriculum links to F-10 Capabilities: Critical & Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, and Personal & Social.
  • Adaptable for Prep all the way to VCE – or even the whole school!

Production images by Alex Motta.

Primary – Year 8 Students:

  • Performed in English, with some Italian.
  • Suitable for Primary and Early Secondary students of Drama, Italian, Art, English, History, and for cultural day celebrations and carnevale.
  • Pinocchio will be adapted specifically for the age group booked; from Prep all the way to Year 8 – or even the whole school.

Senior Students:

Pinocchio was selected for the 2019 VCE Drama Playlist and is particularly relevant to VCE Drama Units 3 and 4, and VCE Theatre Studies Unit 2. Students will be able to analyse: 

  • Conventions
  • Dramatic elements
  • Expressive and performance skills
  • Performance styles
  • Playmaking techniques
  • Production areas

Senior students of Italian, English, Music, Dance, Visual Art and History will also benefit from studying Pinocchio, with curriculum-linked activities such as:

  • Compose a creative response to the work in Italian;
  • Write a review in English;
  • Analyse the original musical score;
  • Analyse the stylised dance-like movement;
  • Evaluate the theatre design and its visual art influences; and
  • Interogate the cultural and historical contexts of the story – and reflect on how Collodi’s allegory of 19th Century corruption and iniquity might still be relevant today…

The Deal:

Price: $1,100.00 (inc GST) for 100 students or less
Extra students: $8.50 (inc GST)
For large cohorts or multiple shows, please contact Make A Scene for a bespoke quote.

Truly fantastico e meraviglioso! All the children and parents were hooked! Please keep doing what you’re doing so that many more children enjoy your shows and appreciate the craft of Commedia dell’Arte.

Angela Rosa, Holy Spirit Primary School