Pantalone’s Inn

…raving on about how funny and enjoyable it was to have such a good incursion!

– Salvatore La Fauci, LOTE Faculty Leader, Mount Lilydale Mercy College

CREATORS Rosa Campagnaro and Christian Bagin.
PERFORMERS Rosa Campagnaro and Christian Bagin.

PANTALONE’S INN takes place in the Italian city of Bologna, famous for housing the first University in Italy!

Pantalone, the owner of Pantalone’s Inn is furious with Il Dottore (who is also the town Health Inspector). Il Dottore has threatened to shut down the restaurant unless Pantalone allows their children, Flaviano and Beatrice to marry! Will Brighella (Pantalone’s trusty servant) save the restaurant? Or is he too busy with his new TV show, PastaChef? Will The Lovers triumph against impossible odds?

This show is based on the Italian Comedy of the 16th Century and features the traditional masked characters of the commedia. Audiences will be transported to the Italian city of Bologna, the home of Bolognese sauce where they will experience an absurd and interactive cooking lesson with master Pasta Chef, Brighella! Students will laugh-out-loud at loads of silly slapstick, misunderstandings and bad wigs!