Homemade Comedy

Online Commedia dell’Arte Teachers’ Resource

2020 Drama Victoria Award for Excellence in Digital/Online Delivery of Drama (Industry)

Homemade Comedy is a new series of online lesson plans delving into the world of comedy, slapstick, mime, sitcom, funny language, Commedia dell’Arte… and farts.

The lesson plans are designed as a course to be taught in sequence, however picking and choosing lessons or exercises relevant to the curriculum/students’ needs will also work perfectly! This resource may be used as an introduction to comedy, slapstick or Commedia dell’Arte.

For Year 10, Senior Drama & Theatre Studies Students:

Homemade Comedy includes activities designed to extend senior students’ understanding of the actor’s process for developing characters and telling stories.

For Primary to Year 9 Students:

This resource is also suitable and/or easily adaptable for these levels. Make A Scene suggests reviewing all materials – including written excerpts and videos – and using at your school’s discretion.

How’s It Done?

Students will be guided through Homemade Comedy with a collection of videos featuring:

  • Make A Scene’s talented company members Mason Gasowski and Freya Pragt, showcasing lazzi and comprehensive demonstrations of the actor’s process.
  • Footage from current and past Make A Scene shows The Servant of Two Masters, Venice In Love, and Pinocchio.
  • Wider examples from both contemporary and classic TV comedies and sitcoms.

What to Expect:

  • PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! The starting point for comedy to play, develop and evolve!
  • LAZZI, slapstick, physical comedy techniques and conventions!
  • Guided video tutorials and demonstrations of characters and lazzi.
  • Introduction to the mask and some Commedia dell’Arte characters.
  • The importance of observation!
  • Concepts of audience interaction.
  • Activities, exercises and improvisations to identify and explore comedy techniques.
  • Fun provocations and starters for further character exploration.

Please note: while the lessons are based on Commedia concepts and practice, this is not a comprehensive course in the study of Commedia with all its conventions and nuanced stock characters. Rather, it is to be used as a guide to understanding and embodying the spirit of comedy and Commedia by inviting students to be physical, playful and present.

Free Sample Resource:

Download a free sample of our Homemade Comedy Resource.

Your Investment:

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