The Devil Wears Pashmina

Campagnaro and Peluso transform into the grottesque character, La Presidentessa (The CEO) … the result is exhilarating… the crowd laughs in unison.

– Il Globo, Melbourne

CREATORS Rosa Campagnaro and Margherita Peluso.
PERFORMERS Rosa Campagnaro and Margherita Peluso.

Warning: displays of grotesque vanity and stupidity.

The high cost of manufacturing in Italy has forced La Presidentessa (CEO), Maria Mazzapelle, to seek more cost effective offshore options for her factory. The logistics and difficulties of which are the guts of this one hour spectacle. Including the search for an astute foreign director with a European work ethic.

This project is an Italo-Australian collaboration which aims to create more awareness of unethical manufacturing practices around the world that have resulted in numerous tragedies and loss of life. The character of, La Presidentessa was the result of an exploration with Stefano Benni’s, monologue, ‘La Presidentessa’ from ‘Le Beatrici’. We are most grateful to Mr Benni whose grotesque character has inspired this new dark comedy.

This show is a ridiculous but disturbing bouffant portrayal of Itay’s most ruthless Presidentessa. A monologue with two different voices, one derisive and aggressive, the other charming with a touch of sleaze, but both remorseless and socially irresponsible. A modern day fable, a story inspired the tragic events of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which questions our collective responsibilities and puts a spotlight on our global obsession with mega consumerism of cheap brand imitations and a desire for instant fashion gratification.

Campagnaro e Peluso dimostrano la forza della loro formazione in Commedia dell’Arte e danno prestazioni sicure e fiduciose…isterica…eccellente commedia fisica… esperte.

– Toorak Times, Melbourne